Monday, October 8, 2012

Which Version is better? Battle of F4

My boyfriend is an avid Jpop Drama watcher who always says "Jepun punya lagi best" (Japanese one is better). I told him countless time, I can't decide ^_^. But after a few years thinking, I finally make my decision.

Watching another version/spin-off is a great way to cope with disappointment we get from the previous version. Hey, at least we have another drama to watch when we are bored..heheh

Maybe I'll write about To The Beautiful You in my next post. God, It was ridiculously So-So.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review 1: Answer Me 1997

1997, I was just an 8 years old girl cuttiepie who thought watching barbie is the coolest thing to do with a TV set. Of course I didn't know about H.O.T and Sechs Kies but I'm all about NICO and 4U2C (Malaysia's famous teen idol). I still remember the baggy clothes and the tacky bboy moves. Great Old times...

It's not too late to love HOT/SC music especially when you can feel, watch and learn from Answer Me 1997, a sitcom aired by TVN.

Title: 응답하라 1997 (Eung-dab-ha-ra 1997)
Airing dates : 2012/07/24~2012/09/18
Details:16 episodes - Tues 23:00
Synopsis: An oldies sitcom based in the 90s which drew closer the trends of the 70s and 80s.
(Credit: Hancinema)

Sunjae, Joonhee, Yoonjae, Shiwon, Yoojung, Hakchan
(Credit: Dramabean)


Storyline: I really enjoy how the writer puzzle us with the characters relationship from hang out buddies to lover and make us think who will end up with who. The main reason why I cannot miss watching AM1197 is because of the fan-girl scene involving Shiwon and Yoojung which reminds me of my "I wanna marry my bias" during the taiwanese F4 fever. Man, I still found Shimen (Ken) sooooo overly attractive. However, I skipped a few episode (around 10 to 14) because I can't bear watching Yoonjae sad loser face. Plus, I was a bit tired of Guess who's the baby daddy question although I'm quite sure that YJ will end UP with SW. Believe me, if they don't end up together, i will go on on a hunger strike for a week. I'm dead serious about this.
Rating: 8/10

Scenes, Props and costumes: The best, of course after Goong. My fave prop will be the roadside box in which Shiwon use as a mini tent in front of Tonny Oppa's house. I also enjoy the noraebang sad scene in ep 12. makes me crying for hours.
Rating: 7/10

Cast: Unbelievable selection, although EunJiwon's character seems too easy for him (since he is the real 1997 idol). The producer take a huge risk casting idols and it's woth it. Eunji and SIG surprised me with their acting skill as initially I'm quite skeptical about Idol turning to actor. But both of them blew me away. Hoya.... Not bad for beginner.
Rating: 9/10

OST/Background music: My fav is Chaos - Kiss Kiss (in ep 16)

- Awesome cast
- Great combination of romance + Friendship (Bromance too ^_^) + humour
- Loads of fangirl scene

- Tony oppa (why on earth is she shipping Tony????)
- Confusing past-present-future plot arrangement. I'm just not into time travelling stuff.
- Joonhee's future (not clear if he did turn gay)

Must Watch Scene
- Shiwon staying overnight in a box
- Shiwon and Yoojung get new haircut
- Shiwon bashing Youngjae, telling him to be more carefull
- Hakchan and Yoojung bus-ride scene
- Final ep... the whole episode ^_^

Will I watch it again?
Yes... Whenever I miss my old friends. Probably once in 3 months.

Overall Rating: 89/100 (Must Watch)

Hello ^_^

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My answer is that my previous blog is for me to share about my personal life while this one is a platform for me to talk about my obsession, which is drama.

Well, I know that there are many drama-related blog out there but this blog will focus on reviewing drama coz writing recap is soooo hard. So, if you need me to review dramas, just drop your comment!

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